There are some Trip Publisher features you can choose to enable or disable in Umapped.

1. Click on your profile picture on the right side of the Trip Publisher to expand the account menu. Select My Account.

2. Select Preferences.

3. From here, you can update the following settings:

a. PDF preferences

  • This affects the design layout of your Travellers' Trip PDFs. 
  • Choose between four different layout options - please note, the default layout may differ between agencies and is therefore not available for preview.
    • The PDF preview is not a live preview, i.e. you will be viewing a sample and not one of your own Trips. For more info on previewing a specific Trip, click here.

b. 24 Hour Clock

  • If enabled, your Travellers will see all times in 24-hour format. This will not reflect in the Trip Publisher, only the Web View.

c. Email Notifications

  • If enabled, you will receive an email digest of in-app messages you have missed from Travellers while offline.
  • This email will be sent approximately every thirty minutes if messages have been missed during this time period.
  • Please note, this feature requires Traveller Messaging to be enabled (more on this below).

d. Flight Notifications

  • If enabled, Travellers will receive flight status updates starting up to 24 hours before scheduled departure (Advisors will only receive updates if a fight is delayed or cancelled).
  • Please noteFlight Notifications are only available to users with a Travel Professional Pro membership or higher, or for users on a free trial. To upgrade your membership plan, please contact

e. Traveller Collaboration

  • If enabled, Travellers will be able to add Bookings and Notes to their Trips once they have been Published.
  • Whether enabled or disabled, Travellers will not be able to remove or edit Bookings you have added.

f. Traveller Messaging

  • If enabled, Travellers will be able to communicate via Umapped Messenger within the Web Itinerary or Mobile App.
    • This function will also enable Travellers to communicate with each other.
  • If disabled, you will be able to send messages to Travellers but they will be unable to reply.

Always remember to click Save to apply any changes in your Account Preferences.